Social Entrepreneurship Camp

Social Entrepreneurship Camp


What to Expect:

Our goal  is to show participants that it is easy to create business models  with a “social” perspective. Sometimes this is even as easy and promising as creating a classic “for profit business”. This focus camp forms a cross-section of all relevant social business issues with particular attention to the topic of financing (including crowdfunding, hybrid models, and impact investing). (Current status under /)


Who Should Participate?

The Social Entrepreneurship camp is aimed at all students and founders who have an interest in founding/joining a social business. We also encourage journalists and entrepreneurs interested in sustainability to attend as well as experienced entrepreneurs and investors who want to do make something with an impact in the near future.

Socially-oriented companies have numerous advantages over “traditional enterprises”: tax benefits (more liquidity for growth), motivation of employees (not primarily driven monetarily), culture and identity (less competition thinking, more cooperation), more meaning and fulfillment (working for a good cause). Nils Dreyer speaks from personal experience: “I worked successfully for many years with a career in online marketing context – I loved my job, but I was missing something. Now in a social business environment, I have the same amount of fun, and I know at the end of the day that I have helped to make the world a little better. “

Anyone who wants to achieve this feeling can take the first step by participating in the Social-Entrepreneurship Camp!


Top Speakers:

 Denis Bartelt: crowdfunding expert and founder of startnext

Benjamin Vahle: Online professional and founder of boost

Waldemar Zeiler & Philip Siefer: Entrepreneurs & Pledge, Einhorn

Ryan Little: Entreprneur and Foundation expert

Mark Freiburg: Financing Consultant for Social Entrepreneurship

Robert Rudnick: Founder

Naomi Ryland:

Dennis Hoenig-Ohnsorg: Ashoka

Sönke Burkert: Carsten Lessmann:

Victoria Peter: Make Sense Berlin


Nils Dreyer, hilsfwerft