Monetization Camp

Monetization Camp


What to Expect:

Curated by expert in online advertising and monetization strategies Fabio Bacigalupo (, the Monetization Camp will focus on online advertising from display to mobile to video all they through to affiliate advertising. In addition, you will learn to think outside the box to find other sources of revenue for your startup and how these profits can be maximized–including internationalization and taxes. We will address the solutions of what to do when everything is not going as planned, and what you can do next with your startup.


Who Should Participate:

The Monetization Camp is aimed at all founders or those interested in one day founding a startup, who toy with advertising as a business model and want to generate more revenue. We will provide an introduction to the world of online advertising (“The small 1 × 1 online advertising”).

For site operators with editorial content such as publishers or bloggers, the question often arises of how to finance an online presence. In panel discussions, we will scrutinize whether advertising can be a business model in and of itself–and if so, what is the right kind for your site. For publishers who already use advertising, we offer a workshop with a focus on advertising media optimization.


Top Speakers:

Speakers are founders who operate their own sites and refinance them through advertising. In addition, Monetization Camp will feature the Managing Directors of innovative startups and experts on the subject of online advertising.



Fabio Bacigalupo,