Benjamin Vahle Benjamin Vahle

Benjamin has been a social entrepreneur for more than ten years. After co-founding the charity Make A Difference e.V. in his early twenties, Benjamin is now founder and CEO of the non-profit company boost that offers online shoppers a way to donate money at no extra cost.
Benjamin studied business administration in Germany, the U.S. and Canada. After completing his masters, he worked as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Hanse Ventures, a web business incubation firm. Soon he was assigned CEO of one of the portfolio companies. During this time he met Frank with whom he later founded boost.

Entrepreneurship that creates a meaningful social impact is Benjamin’s true passion. Being a tech enthusiast (geek), he is particularly excited about putting web and mobile technology to use for good causes. If there’s one thing Benjamin hates (apart from bureaucracy), it is wasted potential. Thus he continuously encourages people to push their limits and take risks in order to excel.

Accordingly, he lives by the credo “in the end, you will only regret the chances you didn’t take”.


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