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What to Expect:

The main focus of the HR Camp is to delineate the relationships between modern recruiting and modern management and to provide clear starting points and implementation advice.

At the beginning of their business activities, founders have neither the time nor the budget available in order to reach out to the best minds to advance their companies. The HR camp will identify ways to manage these circumstances. In addition, founders often lack the knowledge regarding how to choose the best people, so the HR camp will provide concrete workshops that provide such important basic knowledge.

Through lectures and workshops, the HR Camp will go through the entire employee life-cycle, starting from the right HR strategy and relevant points for employer branding in recruiting while delving deeper into topics such as Active Sourcing, network recruiting, job posting optimization, interview advice and guidance, listing process, visas, and onboarding.

In the area of ​​leadership, the camp will focus on presenting a management approach that works in the digital age as well as in startups, and it will highlight topics such as motivation, incentive systems, employee interviews, and more.


Who Should Participate?

The HR Camp is aimed at CEOs of young companies that need to build a team and the relevant fundamentals of HR. As it relates to modern, competitive HR structures, the HR camp itself is interesting for managers and HR managers of established organizations.


Top Speakers:

We expect HR managers, and CEOs of the industry giants, as well as emerging startups who have recognized the important role of HR today. The expected business will include Hitfox, SoundCloud, Airbnb, and Bloomy days. We also give visitors the chance to get to know our HR-Floor young innovative start-ups, which work on exciting and innovative concepts to show that the HR industry is already facing fundamental and exciting changes.



Curated by Florian Krumb, an expert in the Startup and recruiting area, and Constance Buchheim, an expert on recruiting and retention in the digital age–in particular with the HR – challenges facing young and fast growing companies.