Constanze Buchheim Constanze Buchheim

HR Camp: Constanze Buchheim, i-potentials

Constanze Buchheim is an expert when it comes to recruiting in the modern digital world. After graduating with a business degree from Leipzig University she started her professional career with Spreadshirt, an e-commerce company based in Leipzig. While she was at Spreadshirt, she noticed first hand how difficult it was to recruit suitable candidates for a young, quickly growing digital company. In 2009, after finding no viable solution to that problem, she founded i-potentials which focuses on recruiting „digital natives“. In addition to that, i-potentials recently launched Digital Executives, an autonomous division which focuses specifically on executive and specialist searches for the digital world. Her clients are fast paced, quickly growing internet companies as well as companies from the „old economy“ that are flipping the digital switch. Among other things, she uses her skills as a certified business coach to guide and assist executives in order to facilitate the digital transformation. In 2012, as an expert for employment in the digital world, she was also called up to the advisory board of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology.

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