Fundraising Panel: Finding the First Investor

Room 1.205

Panel: Finding the First Investor: Angel vs. Incubator vs. Accelerator vs. Seed VC

Moderator: Tobias Wittich (Rainmaking Loft)


Holger Witte (Project A)

Philipp Möhring (Angellist)

Kai Schmudde (Venista Ventures)

Massoud Kamali (West Tech Ventures)

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Fundraising Camp
Location: 2nd Floor Date: 13. March 2015 Time: 14:15 - 15:15 tobias wittich Tobias Wittich Masoud Kamali Masoud Kamali PhilMoehring AL Photo hi Philipp Moehring Holger Witte Holger Witte Kai Schmude Kai Schmude