Tech Camp

Tech Camp


What to Expect:

Our goal is to show participants how to setup IT for a successful startup. Learn about best practice on minimum viable products, how to setup a scalable backend, how to measure for success, and how to develop web and mobile apps. Tech sessions will go down to bits & bytes, but of course there will be lots of networking and exchange among CTOs and developers.


Who Should Participate?

The tech camp is aimed at all students and founders who want to learn more from others founders about their tech stack, what they use and what they think are critical success factors in IT. The tech camp is also aimed at beginners who want to have a Ruby-on-rails crash course.

In general, this camp is for technical founders who want more information about best practice to setup the tech stack of a company, from servers to deployment processes, over analytics to web and mobile applications.


Top Speakers: 

André Christ, Founder of LeanIX (Bonn)
Andreas Kammlott, CEO of kaneo GmbH – green IT solutions (Lüneburg)
Rory Lawton, Product Manager & Product Owner at GoodsCloud (Berlin)
Michael Healy, Founder CoderCourse (London)
Iwein Fuld, Founder of StarterSquad (Amsterdam)
Florian Gilcher, CEO of Asquera (Berlin)
Thomas Lohner, CTO at SysEleven (Berlin)