Student Camp

Student Camp


What to Expect:


The Student Camp aims at answering all questions that might be raised by students hoping to found their own companies; for example, why it makes sense to found a company while studying and what options are available for students. The camp will address founding issues such as brainstorming, searching for co-founders, financial support and general implementation options. Renowned universities will discuss their founding services offered to students, and experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully founded their own companies during their studies will share their insights and answer your questions.


Who Should Participate?


The Student Camp hopes to bring together students and young professionals who are interested in the culture and process of how a company is founded. No business experience or concrete ideas of how to found a company are necessary–merely a curiosity and an openness to learn are sufficient! The camp also offers students and experienced entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from each other and to exchange ideas.

Participating in the Student Camp will allow you to hear the success and failure stories of young  founders in a very friendly and open learning environment. In this camp, you will have the chance to meet with people from different backgrounds who are all in the similar phases of studying/ founding companies.


Top Speakers:

Among the best known speakers will be Freeletics co-founder Joshua Cornelius, who will speak about his new project–a mixture between training programs for young entrepreneurs and a Company Builder. The Student Camp will also feature student start-up initiatives such as START Berlin, Gründermagnet, and the IdeaLab. See the agenda for more information on the full schedule for student camp.