SaaS Camp

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What to Expect:

The SaaS Focus Camp revolves around the topic of software-as-a-service, focusing in particular on the following themes:

Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, product development, Tech & scaling, Finance, KPIs and metrics and trends

It as an opportunity to share best practices and know-how alongside individual presentations, workshops, and comprehensive “Q & A” sections.


Who should participate?

The focus SaaS Camp is aimed at everyone interested in the topic of SaaS in general as well as for (future) founders of SaaS startups, (potential) employees and investors from all areas.

At the SaaS Camp, participation of the audience is encouraged and questions will be expected after each presentation. Successful founder and experts are chosen specifically to give insight into their daily work and will answers all questions as thoroughly as possible.


Top Speakers:

- Nick Franklin, employee # 6 in Zendesk and Co-Founder of Chart Mogul

- Felix Huber, Stripe

- Nicolas Wittenborn, Point Nine Capital, VC from Berlin with SaaS Focus, Lincoln Murphy Specialist on marketing, Conversion Optimization & Growth Hacking for SaaS Startups

- Steffen Teske, Director Central & Eastern Europe at Zendesk




André Bergholz (, Niels Przybilla ( and Mathias Ockenfels ( are this year’s curators for the SaaS camp. As a trio they bring together business, founder, and investor perspectives.