Fundraising Camp

Fundraising Camp


What to Expect:

At Fundraising Camp, you’ll get all the best tips and tricks to finance your business and you’ll learn how to get to know the people behind the funds, banks, funding agencies and business angels. At some point in their life cycle, every startup uses third party money to finance themselves. Therefore, the Fundraising Camp will identify one specific issue that is important at every stage. The camp will provide a platform for entrepreneurs from every stage to share their experiences.

Speeches and workshops will be directed at any start-up phase: from formation through the seed stage through growth financing. In addition, the Fundraising Camp offers the opportunity to gain first-hand information about future investors and to learn in a relaxed atmosphere. Remember to bring your business card and know your Elevator – Pitch!


Who Should Participate?

Fundraising Camp is aimed at business founders and to all who might want to found a startup in the future. So often the largest issues regarding finance lie upon the CEO, CFO or CSO, so it is important to get the basics if you already have founded or you intend to lead a growth company some day.


Top Speakers:

All selected speakers have years of experience in their fields and are ready to share their insights and lessons learned over the years. Stay tuned for more updates on confirmed speakers!



Alexander Kölpin (Partner at Seed VC WestTech Ventures)