FinTech Camp

FinTech Camp

What to Expect:

Through four themed tracks, the FinTech Camp will introduce the major developments affecting the FinTech- and payment business.

On Friday afternoon these will include:

• Zukunft des Banking: „Geld braucht keine Bank mehr.“
• Anlage und Kredit: „Geldanlage in Zeiten von Minuszinsen.“
• Zahlungsverkehr: „Bezahlen jenseits von Cash & Karten:“
• Lösungen im B2B: „Bits & Bytes für’s Daily Business.“
On Saturday morning, the FinTech Camp will cover the most important issues for startups in four workshops:

1. Idea Development in the Banking Sector
2. Financing of FinTech startups
3. Regulatories: What not to do?
4. Market Development in Digital Business


Who Should Participate?

The FinTech Camp offers students, entrepreneurs, investors and interested guests the chance to learn about FinTech firsthand. Participants should have an interest in knowing what is happening in the FinTech market and should be curious where there are opportunities for their own ideas and how to plan and launch their own startups in FinTech

At the center of 12 short presentations with Q & A on Friday afternoon, the FinTech Camp hopes to answer some of these questions:
• How will the four discussed FinTech themes have changed by 2020?
• How will FinTech startups enter the market and attract customers?
The sessions on Friday and Saturday are interesting both for students and founders, as well as for marketers, partners and investors.


Top Speakers: 

We have invited entrepreneurs from all over Germany, who are founders and directors of their own FinTech startups from the four thematic areas addressed Banking, Investment, Payment and B2B.
The workshops are taught by experienced professionals from the fields of FinTech Company Building, finance, marketing, legal issues, banking and media.