Female Founders Camp

Female Founders Camp



What to Expect:

The Female Founders Camp provides a platform for female startup entrepreneurs to network at Startup Camp. Additionally, the Female Founders Camp will have lectures on investment strategy, a programming workshop, high-level discussions with founders and investors – and much more. At the camp, you can meet other successful female entrepreneurs who will share their experiences and you might stumble upon some investors eager to turn out their pockets.


Who Should Participate?

 The Female Founders Camp is interesting for founders and investors, students, women interested in founding their own companies, and women who work or hope to work in the startup or tech disciplines. Naturally, men are encouraged to attend this camp since it will cover a wide range of topics applicable to both men and women founders.


How will the Female Founders Camp help your business?

You should take part in the Female Camp if:

* You want to exchange ideas and network with other founders

* You want to connect with investors

* You are thinking of founding a startup, but not sure the difficulties you might face

* You are working in the startup and tech scene

* You want to rise in your company/startup from a regular employee level to occupying a position in the executive suite

* You’re looking for qualified employees for your Startup

* You’re interested in IT and startups

* You want to learn to do some programming

* You want to meet exciting startups that are headed by women

* You want to discuss the topic of women in tech startups and beyond

* You want to be more informed about the female startup entrepreneurs network in the German Startups Association


Top Speakers:

All speakers come from or are connected somehow to the core sphere of the female startup entrepreneurs network of the German Startups Association. All of them share a common goal to engage more women in the startup scene. At the camp meet your successful female entrepreneurs who share their experiences and investors who spill the beans, to women in the tech scene.


Chiara Sommer (Investment Manager High-Tech Start-Up Fund)

Denise Philipp (Co-Founder Geekettes)

Christin Friedrich (CEO Innovestment)

Jana Kusick (Managing Plista)

Raffaela Rein (founder of CareerFoundry)

Wenche Harder (founder cooking magic)

Jennifer Miksch (“La Femme Entrepreneuriale”)

Daria Saharova (Skill Capital)

… And many more!




Stephanie Renda, CEO of match2blue, will curate Startup Camp’s FIRST EVER female founders camp. She is an active member in the German startup scene and is the Vice-Chair of the Advisory Board  on Young Digital Economy at the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.


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